Half zip fleece
Fleecy on the inside, knit on the outside, this is a warm layer for winter lessons. Grey. The Maplewood logo is put on the left chest and the sweater can be personalized with a name on the left sleeve. $115 plus HST
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Full zip cardigan sweater
Great for clinics, layering for warmth during lessons, or for just lounging around the house! Heather grey. The logo is placed on the left chest and the cardigan can be personalized with a name on the left sleeve. $115 plus HST
Long sleeve henley
The perfect base layer. The logo is placed on the left chest and the shirt can be personalized with a name on the left sleeve. Available in light grey (in the photo), heather burgundy, or charcoal grey. $77 plus HST
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Fleece vest
A wonderful combination with the long-sleeve henley! Charcoal grey (available in red for coaches or royal blue for lesson prep leaders). The Maplewood logo is placed on the left chest, and the vest can be personalized with a name below the Maplewood logo. $86 plus HST
Custom knitted horses
With a photo of your horse, a replica (standing about 25 cm tall) can be created!  Greys, bays, chestnuts, and even paints, roans and appaloosas can be created.  Prices are dependent on the amount of customization needed in order to create as close a likeness as possible.  Leather halters with name tags can also be created!

Socks, stockings, ermine marks, etc., are all customizable!

Complete Customization
Paints and other intricate markings take a considerable amount of time, but are a pleasure to create!
Verity has a rainbow-coloured mane and tail. Their name was chosen as the name Verity is derived from the word veritas - meaning "truth". I created Verity to represent my hopes that everyone is able to live their own truth.
A Heart for the Knitted Horse
If you have a snip of a mane or tail, a heart can be created and placed inside the knitted horse.  With only about 25 cm about a pencil-width of mane or tail needed, a discreet cutting can be taken without impacting the overall mane or tail!  Or if you have a clipping from a horse who has passed away, this is a way to create a memory of your four-legged family member.
Custom Colours
By combining different yarns, a truly custom colour can be created for roans.
Blue eyes?
Perhaps your horse has blue eyes, or two different colours, or any kind of special marking. Anything is possible!
Certificate of Authenticity
Every custom horse comes with its own personalized Certificate of Authenticity. As the creator of each individual knitted horse, I am happy to receive stories of your equine friend so that I can get a sense of the horse's personality while I create the mini-horse.
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