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footwear with a heel
What do I need to bring to camp?

In order to make your week at camp as happy and successful as you can, please make sure to bring the following items:

  • footwear with a small heel: check the photos above - the footwear MUST have a small heel, otherwise the camper will not be able to ride. The small heel helps keeps the foot from sliding through the stirrup and trapping the foot in the tack

  • long pants for riding: jeans are fine, leggings are great. Something fitted is better than something baggy. A change of clothing is recommended so that participants can wear shorts (no short shorts) during the non-riding portions of the day and change into the long pants for the riding portion(s) of the day!

  • an equestrian-approved helmet: we will be checking the certifications of the helmets at the check-in process. If a helmet does not have the appropriate certifications (SEI ASTM F1116, PAS015 or VG1 with BSI KITEMARK), the camper will need to either rent or purchase one of the approved helmets that we have available. A word of caution - there is a store in Orleans that carries many helmets that are not approved for use in Ontario. If you wish to purchase a helmet before camp, please purchase the helmet from an equestrian store such as Apple Saddlery or Greenhawk. Maplewood has Troxel Sport helmets available for sale in a variety of sizes as well.

  • sunscreen, bug spray, sun hat, bathing suit and towel, (water wings or lifejacket, if required), lunch and snacks (participants are VERY active throughout the day, so they are typically eating more than they might normally! Sufficient food for a good lunch as well as two snacks is recommended), and lots of water. The water at the barn is great for the horses, but is not for human consumption. We do have a beverage vending machine with water ($1), pop, Gatorade, and iced tea (all items other than water are $2). All proceeds from our vending machine go towards our Send a Kid to Camp program and we happily sponsor 2 or 3 kids for a free week of camp each summer for free through various fundraising ventures through the year.

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Morning Check-In

Each morning, the camp participants need to check in before the parent/guardian leaves. On the first day of camp, the check-in will be with either Rhonda or Rene. For the rest of the week, the check-in will be with one of the camp coaches. It is important that parents be vigilant with Covid self-screening at home before coming to camp. If the participant is not feeling well, please do not send them to camp for the day and follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority for when the camper will be able to return to the camp.

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